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Associated Physics of America
  Associated Physics of America.

Associated Physics of America, LLC (APA) is a multi disciplinary research & development firm based in the
United States of America. APA’s primary focus is the design, testing and manufacturing of combustion
equipment and related technologies for industrial and military use.  APA licenses and retails its equipment
through wholly owned subsidiaries such as DualMetric Combustion Technology LLC, Evergreen Gasification
Technology LLC, and other licensees.

APA’s designs involve highly innovative solutions to the complex physical and mechanical problems
associated with many combustion processes.  APA’s equipment is designed to be the clear choice where
conventional combustion technology fails to meet the ever-increasing demands or requirements of industrial
users.  Through cooperative development agreements with government, industry and other research
facilities, APA continues to produce economic solutions to the most difficult combustion problems.  By use of
this equipment and related processes, a larger variety of cost-effective energy sources may be made
available to industry.

APA is owned by an association of thirty-nine corporations, partnerships and individuals. APA and its
subsidiaries are governed by a Board of Managers.
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